Who Do You Need to Contact?

For your business to grow you need to build relationships, speak to people, find out their needs as you may be the person they need either now or in the future. 

Whether you have met someone through a casual conversation or through a formal meeting/network event, it’s what you do outside that time that will make the difference to you building a business relationship with that person.

Think about it, how many times have you gone to an event or met someone and they said to you “we should catch up” or “I’ll call you next week to arrange a meeting” and they never do.

Maybe you are one of those people. What’s the reason for you not taking that step to make the call to arrange a meeting? Could it be:

  • You are not sure what to say at the meeting
  • You are not sure how to articulate what to say
  • You are not sure what you want as the outcome of the meeting
  • You are worried they will say NO to the meeting

I’m sure you can come up with more reasons why you have been holding back contacting the people you know you should be contracting.

You see, being in business is about communication and listening. Listening to the other person’s needs and helping provide a solution to the problem they have. Think about when you had the initial conversation with a person what were their needs, what is something you could help them with or you know of someone who could help them. By doing nothing, you are actually doing a disservice to that person.

Imagine you have a problem or challenge and the person standing right in front of you had the answer but didn’t offer it to you. How would it make you feel?

So right now, you know of 3 people you need to contact that you could possibly help. Write them down and set aside 20 minutes today to call them and arrange a time to have a meeting with them.

Let’s not stop there, once you have those 3 people confirmed for meetings, write down the next 3 people you can help or add value to.

Start to notice the momentum you are building, even if you get a small setback keep making those calls because you will be way ahead of where you were before making these calls.

For some of you, the rewards may not be instant but could be in months to come. Book in meetings now that will eventually lead to work in the near future. I personally had a meeting in November which now has me booked in to be a guest speaker for 3 events for early 2018 for a particular industry with small business owners.

Before you know it, your calendar will start to fill up and it will not only be filled with meetings with leads/prospects but also filled with client appointments.


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