Insights and Tips

 Values Drive Standards

Have you ever heard yourself echo the words, ‘normally I wouldn’t do this, but for you, I’ll make an exception?’ This is an example of deviating from standards. It may not be a problem initially but you might find this becomes the norm over time and now you have set a new standard that’s not aligned with your business values.  Before you know it, others are following your lead.….read more

Set the scene for the week

I’m In this video, I outline what you can do to set the scene for the week in just 15 minutes. I’m all about keeping it simple, having clarity and staying focused.
Here’s what I’ll go through;
 – When to do this
 – The tools to use
 – What to include when planning
By taking 15 minutes to do this, no time is wasted when you start work on Monday, it’s all about getting things done..….read more


 Benefits of using the latest technology

Depending on your age you may know what a fax is. This morning my son aged 16 asked me, mum what’s a fax, as it appeared on his laptop when he went to print a document to a wireless printer. It got me laughing and at the same time thinking how far we have come with technology, its accessibility and having the capability of doing things differently….read more

Process mapping for business

There are so many processes we perform when running a business. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all, and relying on our memory is not an effective way to run a business. Process mapping is a tool that can be used to visualise all the steps in a sequential order that are required to complete a process… more

Work ON the Business – VideoWork on your business


A conversation that’s been coming up with business slowing down has been, what do I work on while my doors are closed? This is in light of the COVID-19 impact.  Even though the doors may be closed the back end of the business is still open. This is the time to work through the tasks you have been meaning to do but keep putting off…read more

Ask for help – Video


Doing things on your own in your business can be overwhelming and take longer than your expected, trying to figure things out on your own could take months or years… more

 Overwhelm – Video

Overwhelm is going to happen for many of us in business, it’s just how we choose to deal with it that will make all the difference. Here’s a tip on how to work through getting things done daily with minimal more 

Revenue Calculation – Video

With the new year fast approaching have you considered what revenue you want for your business in 2020? Here are 3 steps on how to calculate the more

 Reflect to Move Forward 

It’s important to know what’s happened in the past to be able to make informed decisions moving forward. Whether you are moving into a new year, starting with a new team, creating a new product, having a performance review with an employee, looking back and seeing the growth, the learning and the mistakes made helps prepare for the future.

To learn ways to reflect on your business, there are a few I mention in this article… read more 

Document your standard processes

In business, I’m sure you have many tasks that need to be completed. Sometimes the tasks are completed consistently, and other times not so consistently due to certain factors… read more

 Know your customers’ needs

People buy products and services based on many factors. Each factor will have a different weight than others depending on the buyer’s needs. What are your customer’s needs? Think about your business and what factors your buyers consider when purchasing your products or services. Factors buyers will consider are… read more

Turning a gloomy day into a brighter one

As a Director, Executive or Manager of a company you have an obligation to manage the day to day operations of the organisation, its people and resources. Each year you may go through how you would like things to be. Making sure to meet your obligations to the company and still ensuring you have quality time for yourself and your family. You find that for the first few weeks you are able to implement these changes, but somewhere along the line you find yourself back to the way things were…read more

 Are your guidelines for your business communicated?

Think about how many times you gave a client a discount on their first visit and the expectation then became that they receive a discount every time? This discount only applies to the first purchase for first-time customers…. read more

Executives, Directors and Managers, what’s your commitment this year?

Melbourne weather is so unpredictable, it a can be foggy, cold and not a pleasant day and a few hours later your would have through that your were in another state (like sunny Queensland). How quickly things can change, from being gloomy to a brighter day. The same goes for a day in the life of a business owner….read more

 Focus 123

Distractions, going in different directions, doing too many things at once can all cause you to be BUSY and not be PRODUCTIVE. It’s easy to do, that was me years ago, coming up with excuses why I wasn’t getting things done, why the results I was getting were not what I hoped for. I was too busy being busy and spending less time planning and being focused. This was until I started to implement what I now call the Focus 123 strategy…. read more

How can I make today better than yesterday?

Every day at work we have good moments and some not so good, however we learn from each experience. Focusing on the positives can up lift you and increase your momentum and drive. So if we aim to have an even better day today than we did yesterday each day will be filled with even more positives and great results. There are many more ways to have an even better day than yesterday like…read more

 Lining up all your ducks


I don’t  think it’s the right time, I don’t have all the resources I need yet, what if this happens, I don’t know all the steps to take. Do you hear yourself saying these things often and find they stop you in your tracks… read more

  Who do you need to contact?


For your business to grow you need to build relationships, speak to people, find out their needs as may be the person they need either now or in the future… read more

What makes for a productive meeting?


 There are a number of elements required to have a productive meeting with your staff, learn what these 10 elements are… read more

Time is a valuable resource!


Time is something you can’t get back it’s one of the most valuable resources we have. Speaking to people they tend to have a ‘To Do List” that keeps growing and growing or seldom do they get to complete everything on that list… read more