Martin Goffins – Founder, Red Gum BBQ
What we wanted to achieve was to gain a real understanding of our finances, to cost our products correctly and to find out what type of activities make the business money. Androulla has allowed us to achieve all our goals. I now have a greater knowledge of our business finances, have products that are costed, I know our margins and now have a process that allows me to forecast the profitability of an event or activity to base our decision on. Hearing things about your business that you have not done well is hard but Androulla does this with sensitivity and care that helps you move past mistakes and to focus on future goals. Androulla has allowed my business to survive what was very difficult time. 

Mark Frauenfelder – Black and White Accounting 
 Since June 2000 my goal was to have a business that at some point I could step back and hire staff that I would train to fulfil the role I once did. This finally happened in June 2016 after deciding to engage the services of Androulla. I could have chosen to take the long and slow way of growing my business as I had done in the past and leave money on the table every month or work with someone like Androulla who fast tracked my goal.  After working with Androulla I had hired three bookkeepers to work with me and increased my clientele by 25%.