Business Implementation
& Mentoring Program


Breakthrough and Accelerate
Build Momentum and Grow Your Business

Isn't it time you started working more ON your business and less IN your business?


Is this you right now?

Overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out

Being reactive to situations in your business rather than proactive

Questioning where the day went and what you accomplished

Your income is not at the amount you hoped for at this stage in your business

Get the LEARNING, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to help you implement
and improve on the growth of your business

For far too long have you been trying to DO IT YOURSELF and are FRUSTRATED in the moments where you get stuck?

Days go by and you still have things you need to work ON in your business.
Let's make each day COUNT!

Be part of a supportive community with an expert coach who will help you get answers fast.
It's about GETTING THINGS DONE! (even when fear pops up)

No more planning without action, stop the procrastination and wondering what if.

Here's a simple solution to transform your business and your life.
A group coaching and mentoring program that shows, you step-by-step, how to effectively and consistently work on your business to take it to the next level.

The tools shared with you will enable you to:
Have a roadmap for your business

Get more done in less time
Be able to pick yourself up quickly even when setbacks happen (we all know they will happen)

Create habits that will support you beyond the program.

What the program provides you
Coaching, Content, Community

When you join, you will be part of an exclusive group coaching experience where we cover everything you need to work ON your business and start effectively leveraging your time and increase profits.

You will get personalised coaching on the live Q&A calls.
The calls also get you to make time to work ON YOUR BUSINESS.

Did you know that you're 95% more likely to accomplish your goals if you have accountability

By joining a community of other passionate business owners, some of who are doing it on their own (that maybe you), rest assured you would have all the support you need. I've found that Connection is vital to business success — which is why during the group coaching program, you'll have every opportunity to connect with your fellow Business Implementation members to lift each other up, support one another and help each other grow.

Here's what we will cover in the 12 weeks:
Business Model
Focus on creating a vision and plan for your business. Deep dive in identifying your ideal client and the questions you need to answer before choosing them as your ideal client. The problems you solve for your clients. Your packages and offers, what to price them at and what to include and how to deliver your services.

Get to know your numbers and be familiar
with them.
We will create your money map for your business.

Building Momentum
Looking at your current thinking and mindset when you deal with challenges that arise in the business that can be holding you back. We will look at things from a different perspective, adapting your thinking to serve you in having breakthroughs and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Identifying what absorbs your times with little reward and how to manage these activities.
What activities to give more focus to and be consistent in implementing that will provide you with a greater return for your time invested.

Creating routine and habits to achieve lasting results that are aligned with your business plans.

Don't be the world's best-kept secret.
The service you have to offer may be better or different than others have to offer, however, if people don't know of your services and that you exist, then how can you help others.

We will explore both online and offline marketing to get known for what you offer. Increase your visibility, build rapport and have people know, like and trust you.

Based on your target market and the problems you solve for them, we will outline platforms to use for marketing and how to start building a following that creates interest in what you have to offer.

Educating your target market and ways to do this will be covered in this module to assist in demonstrating your knowledge of a specific area and to be front of mind when people are ready to buy.

Lead Generation
Putting yourself out there and being known for what you do is great, however, you can't survive in business when you don't have people being interested in what you have to offer and taking the next step to use your services.

We will be sharing lead generating activities you can apply in your business to start creating or growing your current database and the steps to take before, during and after the lead is generated. Neglecting to take steps in any of these stages can be critical to your conversion rates (the number of sales).

Generating leads and the metrics behind them is essential to know. Using a platform to monitor these leads will be beneficial and we will share a few with you in this module.

Monitor Progress
How will you know if your business is making progress? Have you set goals to aim for that are achievable and also stretch you to achieve results you thought weren't possible?

Having a plan that you refer to consistently to ensure your day to day activities are aligned with you reaching your goals is imperative. How you are tracking to this plan is what will help determine what key areas you need to focus on in your business.
You will be provide with the structure to create your own one page business plan.

You can't change what you don't know. That's why it's essential to be able to capture your progress on important metrics in your business to identify opportunities and make informed decisions moving forward. Here we will work on your key performance indicators (KPIs) for the next 90 days.

Identify recurring tasks that can be automated or implement methods such as standard templates to reduce the time it takes to complete the jobs (improve efficiency) without sacrificing the delivery and quality of the work completed.

Seeing opportunities to do things differently to how you do things now. With new technology and more cloud-based application available, there could be one now available that is better suited to your business needs.

We will explore tools to use that will save you time, be on autopilot and ways to make sure things are not being forgotten... avoiding dropping the ball.

Events | Workshops | Speaking
What your need to consider when running a event, what needs to be in place before, during and after the event is held to get the results you intended on generating from the event.

Running your event or workshop or being a guest speaker is a way to market your business. It's a way to be seen as an expert in your field and a platform for lead generation.

In this module, we will provide you with:
An event map - outlining the key decisions you need to make before running the event.
An event planner - with key timelines and activities that need to occur before, during and after an event. When following this planner, you will see an increase in attendance rate, lead generation and conversion rate.
A signature talk structure - outlining what to include in your presentation, in what order and how much time to allocate to each section.

You get access to...

This contains the following:
- Training Material
- Templates and Worksheets


This is where your specific questions get answered with clear actions to get you moving forward
Tuesday at 9:30 am (Melbourne Time)

Get feedback from others in the group as well as from your business coach between the live Q&A calls

Live Q&A calls will be recorded and uploaded to this private group

Who is this program for?
- Australian service-based business owners wanting to grow their business
- Who currently have clients and have room for more
- Want a consistent flow of clients and income
- Who are passionate about what they do
- Are open to learning new things, change and being challenged
- Are coachable and willing to take action

About your Business Coach
Androulla Sakkas 

Androulla Sakkas, the Founder of EmpowerBeyond with over 25 years’ experience working with businesses to increase their productivity and financial confidence through the incorporation of business performance solutions. Having started her career in Accounting and working closely with the people at the forefront of the operations of the business she has a sound knowledge on what drives an efficient and profitable business with less overwhelm and stress. She believes that no problem is too big or too small, it's how you choose to deal with it that really counts.

As a highly skilled consultant and business mentor, Androulla knows what it takes to have a sustainable business with the potential for growth, a business that will work with the owner’s needs. Having the skill set and knowledge relating to the specific industry is important but there are so many factors that some business owners neglect to focus on that contribute to the alarmingly high rate of failing businesses. Androulla personally decided not to fall into that category and is now determined to work with others to do the same.

Androulla’s enthusiasm and passion for small business is highly visible as you will experience when she shares practical strategies and through her open discussions with her audience. 

Contact Details
M: 0407 355 745

Here's what others had to say about the program

"I joined Androulla’s group coaching program as I was tired of going around in circles, not knowing what to do or where to start in the process of building my business from the ground up. Working with Androulla and following the program has given me the right perspective and crystal clear clarity around what my next move is in order to start getting traction with my goals.
Androulla was also great in being able to question my limiting beliefs around what’s possible in order to help me move from thinking about doing something into taking action and provided me with accountability, support, and encouragement - which has been paramount in feeling less alone in my business struggles.
Anyone who is looking to have peace of mind and clarity around what needs to be done next in their business will greatly benefit from this program. The step by step concrete framework that’s provided also takes the guesswork out of what systems and process are helpful within your business. I will continue to use the outlined templates as I reach new milestones."
Erica - And Grange 

"For the past several weeks, I have participated in her coaching program. If you are looking for someone who not only tells you what to do but gets you to do it... And if you want to get your business somewhere sooner, rather than by years of trial and error, then this is your person! Androulla saw holes in my business, things that I was completely oblivious to and helped me course correct. The advice she gives in her Q&A sessions is truly invaluable. Often the best way to learn is by being with someone who has been there and done it before."
Louise - Kinfolk Creative

Before staring my journey on the program I was feeling overwhelmed, not having the confidence or know how to market myself well, no clear direction and not enough business 'know how'. After the program I achieved the skills to market myself, streamline the processes and plan. Androulla's Business Implementation Program has been an incredible experience for me. The practical knowledge, new skills and unwavering support I received have given me the confidence to make the necessary changes to move my business forward. I can't recommend this program highly enough!"
Sonya - Mother Nurture


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