Lining Up All Your Ducks

I don’t think it’s the right time, I don’t have all the resources I need yet, what if this happens, I don’t know all the steps to take. 

Do you hear yourself saying these things often and find they stop you in your track?

They stop you from taking that next step, doing what you know you should be doing in your business but don’t.

You either have a clear idea or some idea as to what you want to achieve in your business but until you have all your ducks lined up you can’t take that step. 

What happens here is the following:

  • You get stuck and don’t get moving
  • You take longer to get your results
  • You are ready to give up

What if we turned this around and assumed you had all the answers you needed, would you then say yes? 

Let’s try this on for a minute.
Choose a situation, a thought, an idea, a challenge you have been sitting on for a while and say “Yes, I’m going to move forward with this, even though I don’t have all the answers yet and have some fear about how this will turn out.”

“Say yes and then work out the how” is how to approach to take.

I know it’s scary, especially if you like certainty around the decisions you make but just give it a go, what’s the worse that can happen.

Grab a notebook and now write down what you have said yes to. 

Examples, of saying yes to:

  • Creating an offer to your target market by the end of the month
  • Generating [insert dollar amount] by [insert the date]
  • Sending out weekly educational emails to your database by [insert start date]
  • Posting [insert frequency] on social media
  • Contacting a certain person who has been on your list for a while
  • Creating an event, online or offline for your audience/potential clients
  • Getting help from a person you know can assist you
  • Setting boundaries in your business [example, the days and hours you work]

What’s important here is knowing your intention, what outcome you want to achieve.

It’s also about getting started and trusting that knowing what to do [the how] will come as you work through this. 

In some cases your plan will not go as anticipated, you may be led in a different direction but ultimately your aim is to get to your destination, the outcome you want.

No more reasons or excuses as to why you can’t move forward in your business.

It’s now time to say YES and start your journey towards your goal with the first step. So what is the first step you need to take? Once you know what that is, take action. Once that’s done, then ask yourself what’s the next step from here? Keep going with this and before you know it things will start to unfold for you and the business. Along the way, you will also learn a lot about yourself. You may even surprise yourself as to how resourceful you have been with your time, knowledge and resources you have.

At each step reflect on your experience and ask some questions – Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. Am I on the path to achieving the outcome I want
  2. What have I learned from this
  3. What resources did I need
  4. Who was able to support me
  5. What could I have done differently
  6. What will I continue to do moving forward (way of thinking, what you say to yourself – the self-talk, your actions)

Use this process for one aspect of your business that you want to work on right now and use then use it again on another aspect of your business.

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