Time is a Valuable Resource!

Time is something you can’t get back it’s one of the most valuable resources we have.

Speaking to people they tend to have a ‘To Do List” that keeps growing and growing or seldom do they get to complete everything on that list.

If I was to say to you, “here’s an extra day for you do whatever you wish, what would you do with that time?

STOP reading here… Now take this time to make a list of what you would do.

Breakdown your list into the following categories:

  1. What will take UNDER an hour to do
  2. What will take OVER an hour to do

Now my question to you is why haven’t you done these things already?

Maybe you have been too busy, busy with other things, maybe these things haven’t been a priority for you until now. Whatever the reason, let’s move forward from this and start prioritising what’s important right now for you.

In reality, I can’t give you that extra day but what you have done as a result of doing this exercise is started the process of accomplishment. To accomplish things you need to:

  • Identify what needs to be done [prioritisation]
  • Scheduling that time in your day or week to get those things done
  • Taking action and completing that tasks at hand
  • Feeling satisfied knowing that you got things done and feel good about it

Being aware of time and what you choose to do with it is so valuable.

Whether you have a day or even 30 minutes to do something, the benefit of being aware of time and how precious it is will help you accomplish things faster.

Remember, it’s quality not quantity. Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, but why is it that some accomplish more than others?

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