How Can I Make Today Better Than Yesterday?

For your business to grow you need to build relationships, speak to people, find out their needs as you may be the person they need either now or in the future.

Every day at work we have good moments and some not so good. However, we learn from each experience. Focusing on the positives can uplift you and increase your momentum and drive. So if we aim to have an even better day today than yesterday each day will be filled with even more positives and great results. There are many ways to have an even better day than yesterday like;

Set your intention the night before, know exactly what you want to achieve so first thing in the morning you can work on this, no time is wasted and you feel a sense of achievement.

Put a smile on your face – you’re probably thinking, of course I have a smile on my face, but maybe you don’t most of the times. Smiling is contagious, wouldn’t it be a better environment to be in an office of people who are happy rather than miserable. A smile will change the whole demeanour and how you respond to people and how they respond to you. Give it a go!

Be with people you like being around – people who are encouraging, supporting and you can learn from. This takes me to the next point.

Learn something new – what’s something you have been meaning to learn more about but haven’t put the time aside to do this. Even if it’s reading a book on a topic you want to know more about or watch a video or listening to a podcast. Set aside an hour a day.

Challenge yourself – sometimes we like to stay safe and not challenge ourselves and get outside our comfort zone. But in order to improve on what we currently experience and the outcomes we get we have to challenge ourselves. Let me give you an example, you know by making a call to book in a meeting with a certain person could lead to doors opening for your but you haven’t built the courage to pick up the phone and set up the meeting. So you have been left with wondering what could have been.

What you need to remember at the end of each day is to REFLECT. By reflecting you start to notice what you enjoyed about the day and want even more of that tomorrow.

So tell me “how can you make today even better than yesterday?”

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