We engaged Androulla to streamline our business processes which included cashflow, sales, production, administration and high level strategic goals (with Managing Director) – planning and execution, with production and sales meeting and targets.

As a result of working with Androulla we made our business goals/ideas into reality (as its’s hard to know where to start and what to tackle first.) Androulla assisted with implementation and helped us take the business to next level for setting up systems and actually assisting to get the job done rather than be a consultant and give ideas she helps with practical tasks.

Through the use of Androulla’s services we mapped our business processes and developed procedures.  We also increased revenue for FY18/19. Androulla’s unique skills were her experience, patience, professionalism, accessibility, accountable, great attitude.

I would recommend Androulla’s services to any small businesses that needs to map business processes and develop procedures and standards, increase cashflow/revenue and companies that are involved in manufacturing that want to increase the production output with understanding correlation to enquires and sales forecasting.