I realised that I wanted to expand my company and to do this I needed to understand the processes required to run a successful business and this is why I decided to use the services of Empower Beyond. Androulla worked both with me and also with my key staff to give us a better understanding of what we needed to do as a business to achieve my vision for the company.

Androulla also helped with changing my mindset, which now I know also plays a big part, so that my company could grow. The results of having Androulla working with us for almost a year has been priceless. I have found that things are running a lot smoother from my team and I’m using the knowledge that we gained from working with Androulla and the company’s brand and marketing footprint has grown significantly.

Androulla’s many years of corporate and manufacturing experience was valuable to the vision I had for my company and gave her knowledge that most don’t have. She also can relate to people from all walks of life, in any environment and can lead a team in a learning environment but was also great one on one.

I would highly recommend companies that want to grow, that want the knowledge of how to run a successful business behind the scenes and also are willing to do the hard work to use the services of EmpowerBeyond. What I could not do in the 30 plus years of running Sidcon, Androulla was able to teach in the year she was here with us.