Red Gum BBQ

We contacted Androulla from EmpowerBeyond to come in and help us figure out what we dubbed our very successful unprofitable business. What we wanted to achieve was to gain a real understanding of our finances, to cost our products correctly and to find out what type of activities make the business money.

Androulla has allowed us to achieve all our goals. I now have a greater knowledge of our business finances, have products that are costed, I know our margins and now have a process that allows me to forecast the profitability of an event or activity to base our decision on.

Hearing things about your business that you have not done well is hard but Androulla does this with sensitivity and care that helps you move past mistakes and to focus on future goals. Androulla has allowed my business to survive what was very difficult time. The future looks a lot brighter here for us at Red Gum BBQ.