Black & White Accounting

I met Androulla at a networking event and she came across very personable and easy to talk to. Since June 2000 my goal was to have a business that at some point I could step back and hire staff that I would train to fulfil the role I once did. This finally happened in June 2016 after deciding to engage the services of Androulla. I could have chosen to take the long and slow way of growing my business as I had done in the past and leave money on the table every month or work with someone like Androulla who fast tracked my goal.  After working with Androulla I had hired three bookkeepers to work with me and increased my clientele by 25%.

Androulla’s uniqueness in her ability to understand what it is you want and works closely with you to attain it at a much faster rate than you would have doing it alone. She tends to pick up on every word you say and notices the things that keep holding you back. I found Androulla to be very personable and relatable.