And Granger

Empower Beyond - Erica, And Granger

I joined Androulla’s group coaching program as I was tired of going around in circles, not knowing what to do or where to start in the process of building my business from the ground up. Working with Androulla and following the program has given me the right perspective and crystal clear clarity around what my next move is in order to start getting traction with my goals.

Androulla was also great in being able to question my limiting beliefs around what’s possible in order to help me move from thinking about doing something into taking action and provided me with accountability, support, and encouragement – which has been paramount in feeling less alone in my business struggles.

Anyone who is looking to have peace of mind and clarity around what needs to be done next in their business will greatly benefit from this program. The step by step concrete framework that’s provided also takes the guesswork out of what systems and process are helpful within your business. I will continue to use the outlined templates as I reach new milestones.