Set a timer – Productivity


“Time to tick those things off your list”

In this video, I outline the 2 scenarios for setting a timer.

This will help you achieve results faster and start ticking those things off your do-to list.

Now we all talked about not having enough hours in the day. There are so many things that we need to do it our business that we never get around to doing because at the end of the day, sometimes we think that it’s just going to take too long, or we pushed them aside because of different priorities.

I want to share with you a tool that I use and I’ve seen implemented on many events where I attended. A timer appears on the screen where you have 2 minutes to get the task done and it’s amazing just how much you can achieve in the 2 minutes.

So, I want to take that same concept and apply it within your business. Think about all the little things that you have to do that you know will take a few minutes, which you tend to push aside, things like contacting a person, creating a meeting invitation, those little but important tasks and you’re going to bundle them up. We’re going to pick an hour in the day where you set the timer and you go through all those tasks, and you’re going to smash through them.

Now there’s also another element to this and that’s the bigger projects. If you’re working on a project, we need to set a time for completion. We don’t want it open-ended because before you know it, something you thought would get done within a month has now taken you several months.

Setting a timer, whether it’s time in minutes or if it’s a timer in days, months or weeks, whatever it’s going to be, setting a timer is so important to increase your productivity and get things done.

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