Planning and Target Setting

Today I want to talk about planning and setting your targets.

Right now, we’re in the midst of starting a new financial year, for some of you, you might be wrapping up last financial year and that’s completely okay.

But when you get started on your planning, these are two things I want you to start considering and they’re your targets right. So, with target setting I want you to consider setting a base target and a stretched and I’ll explain what they mean.

Your base target is really about setting realistic goals based on the information you have right now. Stretch targets is a target where you’re pushing the limits. It’s where you start thinking, oh my gosh, I’m feeling uncomfortable about setting this target but WOW, it would be amazing if I achieve it.

Now I’ll explain why we have those 2 targets. Now can you imagine that you are halfway through the month and BAM you’ve already hit your base target, where do you go from here? This is where the stretch target comes into place and you aim for that. Because what I find is, when you hit that base target and you got nowhere else to go you become complacent, right. So, the whole point is, you know, making use of the next 15 days to hit that stretch target.

I hope these tips help you with planning for the new financial year. Now some of your planning will be shorter-term rather than going out 12 months because of circumstances we’re in. But the importance is doing planning and setting targets. I hope this helps you and look forward to staying connected and sharing more tips with you.

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