Insights and Tips

 Are your guidelines for your business communicated?

Think about how many times you gave a client a discount on their first visit and the expectation then became that they receive a discount every time? This discount only applies to the first purchase for first-time customers…. read more

Executives, Directors and Managers, what’s your commitment this year?

As a Director, Executive or Manager of a company you have an obligation to manage the day to day operations of the organisation, its people and resources. Each year you may go through how you would like things to be. Making sure to meet your obligations to the company and still ensuring you have quality time for yourself and your family. You find that for the first few weeks you are able to implement these changes, but somewhere along the line you find yourself back to the way things were…read more

 Focus 123

Distractions, going in different directions, doing too many things at once can all cause you to be BUSY and not be PRODUCTIVE. It’s easy to do, that was me years ago, coming up with excuses why I wasn’t getting things done, why the results I was getting were not what I hoped for. I was too busy being busy and spending less time planning and being focused. This was until I started to implement what I now call the Focus 123 strategy…. read more

How can I make today better than yesterday?

Every day at work we have good moments and some not so good, however we learn from each experience. Focusing on the positives can up lift you and increase your momentum and drive. So if we aim to have an even better day today than we did yesterday each day will be filled with even more positives and great results. There are many more ways to have an even better day than yesterday like…read more

 Lining up all your ducks

I don’t  think it’s the right time, I don’t have all the resources I need yet, what if this happens, I don’t know all the steps to take. Do you hear yourself saying these things often and find they stop you in your tracks… read more

  Who do you need to contact?

For your business to grow you need to build relationships, speak to people, find out their needs as may be the person they need either now or in the future… read more

What makes for a productive meeting?

 There are a number of elements required to have a productive meeting with your staff, learn what these 10 elements are… read more

Time is a valuable resource!

Time is something you can’t get back it’s one of the most valuable resources we have. Speaking to people they tend to have a ‘To Do List” that keeps growing and growing or seldom do they get to complete everything on that list… read more